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Fitting 30 years into one page felt like an impossible destination to reach, but with each story from such an array of people that made it possible, were a part of it... those who rode beside me. It is about the people every day and listening to them it became as easy as leaning into the bend on the last turn toward home.

"Nothing was, or is, ever too hard, it’s something that Dad and his team are well known for."

Karissa Beaton



My passion for V-Twin motorcycles started when I was a teenager. I remember leaving a picture theatre in Gloucester, my home town, and one of the local lads had his new Ducati 750GT parked at the front doors of the theatre. As my friends and I were leaving the GT burst into life with both booming Conti Mufflers shooting there magnificent note straight up the stairs to where we were standing leaving an impression on my soul only a musician would understand.

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Beaton family 

30 Years is just shy of my life time. In that time my parents and their ever-growing incredible team of staff have built a name that has been etched into the Australian motorcycle industry.

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Beaton family

I started working for my family in 2001. Forced into the role by being young, unemployed and undecided with what I wanted to do, Ashley (who I occasionally refer to as Dad) gave me no choice but to start answering phones for him.

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I started working for North Coast Ducati in 1992, the business had 3 owners , Ashley Beaton, Don Adams and Rob McLauchlan. It was situated in the back of Beatons Home Appliances (which is now the spare parts area). At that point I was the only full time employee and the stock level consisted of a, second hand Ducati Darmah, a couple of helmets and around $2000- worth of spare parts.

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I was a customer of North Coast Ducati before it became North Coast V-twins with addition of the Harley-Davidson Brand . On Friday nights afterwork customers and Ash would work out where we were riding that weekend.

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Long time v-twins customer & supporter

I celebrated 10 years at V-twins in October 2018 and I got the job there shortly after arriving in Australia from the UK. I approached them looking for work in the Coffs area and the then Service Manager Wayne Graham interviewed me and referred me to Ashley and they gave me a start as a mechanic. 

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Long time v-twins customer & FRIEND

I started road racing 30 years ago and have raced every year since and on a Ducati every one of those years. It was very shortly after I began racing when I came across a fast D grader on a White 600 Ducati Pantah. It was Ashley. It was going to be the first of many of our track battles but also the start of a friendship that has had plenty of adventures with many Ducati’s involved.

All of my Ducati’s (that have come directly through V-TWINS) were bought new and became winning race bikes with a lot of help from Doc Downie and Ashley. 

It’s been a hell of a ride these last 30 years with Ashley 

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2002, I was riding my Honda blackbird past v-twins on a Saturday afternoon and notice the shop was open so I stopped in and met this guy called Ashley. Got talking and mentioned that I had seen a nice blue Harley at Morgan and Wicker on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks earlier. Jokingly I said it would be nice to own one.

A couple of weeks later I receive a call from this Ashley fellow telling me that THE BLUE HARLEY was now at the shop awaiting its new owner me. I stutter and splutter 'for me?', I explained I still had payment on the other bike. No problems, we take care of that, come on down and we can talk. And so began a fantastic relationship between this fellow called Ashley and his lovely family, V-Twins, and the HOG CLUB

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Happy 30th North Coast V-Twins! A superb shop with so much knowledge. From spare parts and riding gear to sales the staff here are the smartest in the land. After customer care is 2nd to none as well. Once you purchase a bike you feel like you are in the family because it is a family! I’ve purchased 3 different bikes through V-twins and have been extremely happy with every one. Looking forward to the next 30 years! Cheers

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Just a few memories...

customers who became friends

I think it was 1996 I  got a Soft tail custom, sold to me by Ashley. (that is the bike you have there No.1 Ashley bought it back when I bought my second one 2005  by Ashley again . The service was exceptional and Ashley has became a long time friend.

Owen sherwood

To all the NCVT team, congratulations on 30 years in business, my first dealing was in 1998 when I purchased a road king. The service I have received and the attitude of the whole team has never altered, it is a pleasure to do business with NCVT. 


I wish to congratulate Ashley Beaton, the Beaton Family and the staff of North Coast V Twins on achieving the fabulous milestone of 30 years of Motorcycle sales and service in Coffs Harbour.

John Urquhart

Bought my FLSTFB (Fatboy) from V-Twins in December, 2011. I've met so many new faces in so many new places while putting around 80,000ks on the clock. It's been the ride of my life!


Congratulations to Beato and the team at NCVT for 30 years of a successful business. I remember we were riding back from the classic when I got a flat tyre. Beato told the others to ride on, he not only stayed, but organised for a new tyre on a public holiday as he rode toe be with me in Albury. If that’s not great customer service I don’t know what is

Doug Hurley

I have been a customer at NCVT’S since the late 80’s. You know when you click with someone and that’s what happens when you meets Ashley, he has a passion that is contagious.  I consider myself a true friend after years of association. 30 years, 8 bikes and I feel very comfortable whenever I walk into the shop. The staff are fanatastic, they have some of the most talented tech’s both Ducati and Harley Davidson in Australia. 



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